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Community groups want Chicago police to clean up their act

We can find case after case of police brutality in Chicago’s law enforcement records and judicial proceedings. Perhaps your experience was similar to one victim who claims two officers slammed her against a building, pulled her hair and pushed her to the ground.

Multiple community groups have made it clear that enough is enough. The groups, which include Black Lives Matter, initiated a lawsuit last week, claiming that more federal oversight is required to ensure that the Chicago Police Department complies with reforms designed to curb police abuses.

Prior to initiating the suit, civil rights groups, lawyers and activists gathered to demonstrate examples and real-life stories of police brutality. The stories were chilling, mind numbing and sad.

Stricter oversight needed

The group wants Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to carry out stricter oversight of police activities. If successful, their class action lawsuit seeks to force the mayor to do so. The city is currently trying to institute an independent monitor to oversee the police reforms. Nevertheless, many Chicago civil rights attorneys agree that only a federal judge could carry out the supervision successfully.

In fact, the city has the legal right to approve of federal oversight without getting approval from the Justice Department. However, one individual from the University of Chicago Law School says that the mayor is implying with his stance that the people should trust his administration to oversee the reforms successfully, and that oversight is unnecessary.

Did a police officer hurt you?

If a law enforcement officer hurt you in a police brutality incident, it’s important first to seek medical attention immediately by whatever means you have available. Second, you may want to investigate the filing of a police brutality action. If successfully navigated, such an action could be a way to recoup financial damages related to the costs of your medical care.

Chicago police brutality plaintiffs must keep in mind that they will only have a limited time within which to file their claims. After enough time passes, statutes of limitation will come into play to prevent you from filing an injury lawsuit. As such, it’s important to evaluate what time limitations apply to your potential lawsuit as quickly as you possibly can.

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