Attorney Jon Erickson, Of The Law Firm Of Erickson & Oppenheimer, Is Representing The Family Of A Local Teen That Was Brutally Assulated By A School Security Officer

Erickson & Oppenheimer: Illinois Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Erickson & Oppenheimer: Illinois Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorneys
Erickson & Oppenheimer: Illinois Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorneys

Free Consultation: 877-505-1924

Wrongful Death

Helping Families In The Wake Of Tragedy

The preventable and needless death of a loved one is tragic in so many ways. Police shootings, excessive force, hate crimes and other abuses all too often lead to the ultimate consequence. At Erickson & Oppenheimer, Ltd., our firm fights vigorously on behalf of families who have had a loved one needlessly die because of a civil rights violation.

We cannot bring back your loved one. But we can hold the perpetrators accountable and help your family get the legal and financial help you need through a lawsuit alleging wrongful death.

With over 45 years of courtroom experience, including in numerous high-profile cases involving police shootings, police brutality and hate crimes, we know what it takes to win cases and obtain a measure of justice for our clients.

You Can Rely On Our Experience, Knowledge And Skill

Erickson & Oppenheimer, Ltd., is a premier civil rights law firm based in Chicago, which has long been known as a go-to firm for civil rights cases. Jon Erickson and Michael Oppenheimer have been named two of the Top 100 trial lawyers in the country by The National Trial Lawyers.

While we are a boutique firm that will work with you throughout your case, we have the resources of a large firm and the knowledge needed to stand up for your rights even against police departments, government agencies and others. We never back down from a case.

Our firm aggressively and ably pursues justice on behalf of clients. We have secured tens of millions in recovery for families who need help moving forward during an incredibly difficult time.

In addition to pursuing legal and financial aid for our clients, our attorneys shine a spotlight on instances of constitutional violations and hold police departments accountable. It is often only through lawsuits that information is revealed about police brutality and misconduct. Legal liability is also a strong deterrent against police departments looking the other way when officers take the law into their own hands.

We Take On Tough Cases. Call Us For A Free Consultation.

You deserve to know the law and your legal options, even if other law firms have refused to take your case. Call Erickson & Oppenheimer, Ltd., at 877-505-1924 to schedule a free consultation at our Chicago law office. You can also schedule your free consultation through this online form.

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