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Proven Success In First-Degree Murder Cases

First-degree murder is one of the most serious charges that can be brought against a defendant. In Illinois, a conviction has a minimum of 20 years in prison. If the prosecution alleges certain aggravating factors, you may be facing a life sentence.

When Facing Murder Charges, You Want Experienced Litigators On Your Side

Attorneys Jon Erickson and Michael Oppenheimer know their way around the courtroom. After honing their trial skills in high-profile and serious cases for over 20 years, they know how to appeal to juries and judges, and they know what it takes to secure a not-guilty verdict. If you need an outstanding homicide defense lawyer, you need Erickson & Oppenheimer, LTD.

We Fight For You. We Take Cases To Win.

Our firm believes every client is innocent until the prosecution proves its case beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury. That means we are not looking to plea bargain with the prosecution in every case or avoid a jury trial.

We are known as premier trial lawyers based on our history of success and readiness to defend our clients in court. Our private investigators and forensic specialists will comb over every bit of evidence against you. If your constitutional protections have been violated, we will seek to have any evidence obtained in violation of your Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure thrown out of court.

Our firm has defended more clients against murder charges than any other firm in the city. We have a high success rate. Why? Because we put in the work; we are tenacious, creative and we know how to get results.

Our Firm Has Secured An Unheard-Of Number Of “Not-Guilty” Verdicts In First-Degree Murder Trials.

Attorneys Jon Erickson and Michael Oppenheimer are top-tier criminal litigators. They know their way around the courtroom; they know how to appeal to juries and judges, and they know what it takes to secure a not-guilty verdict. Don’t risk your life by using an inexperienced attorney.

Call 877-505-1924 or contact our firm online to reach our office in downtown Chicago. Initial consultations are free. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in state courts in Illinois and New York, and represent clients in federal court nationwide.

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