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Man Dies in Joliet Police Custody


On July 1, 2020, the Joliet Police Department was forced to release disturbing dash-cam video of Joliet Police Sgt Doug May murdering unarmed and handcuffed African American, Eric Lurry. The dash-cam video shows Sgt. May pinching Lurry’s nose shut for nearly two entire minutes while Joliet Police Officer Bill McCue pushed a police baton down Curry’s throat. Sgt. May is captured slapping Lurry in the head and yelling, “Wake up, bitch!”

The officers detained Eric inside a Joliet Police Department squad car behind the Joliet police station on January 29, 2020 on suspicion of drug possession. Lurry died at St. Joseph Hospital later that day.

“They are covering up the murder of my husband,” said wife, Nicole Lurry.

The Joliet officers involved in Eric’s death remain on active duty and have not been disciplined. The Joliet City Council voted, on a 5-4 vote, to withhold the video five months after the murder. The video was finally released due to the efforts of an Joliet Police Department whistleblower and family attorney Michael Oppenheimer.

“We are witnessing the senseless murder of yet another unarmed African American man,” said attorney Michael Oppenheimer. “This is nothing short of a criminal act and a subsequent police cover-up. We are demanding justice,” said Oppenheimer.

Although Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul is launching an independent investigation, Ms. Lurry remains skeptical as it was revealed that several members of the Joliet City Counsel voted in secret to hide the explosive video. Portions of the audio appear to have been deleted by Joliet police. “I don’t trust them, they killed my husband and deleted the evidence,” said Nicole Lurry. “My family cannot begin to heal until we see the officers that killed my husband brought to justice and I just don’t understand how the Mayor can stand by and watch a police force completely out of control.”

Oppenheimer said the family plans to file a lawsuit after demanding all video and documents related to the arrest.

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